Project description

To Connect through our differences


School partnership project description


In this project pupils from 9 European countries will connect through their differences. During the mobility activities they will literally step into the “shoes” of their peers from Europe and experience their lifestyle. They will examine different aspects of their culture: traditional celebrations and holidays, cultural hospitality, crafts, cultural foods, music, dances, architecture and history, Arts. Each partner school has the task to coordinate one of the planned achievements of the project. They will collect, produce and disseminate materials to the rest of the partnership. Experience other partners’ culture and deepening knowledge on their own culture through research and different activities is at the heart of the project. Before each mobility pupils and teachers will pick up a few words and expressions in the native language of the partner country and do activities related to the topic – they will gather information on cultural heritage and lifestyle in the partner country and their own and produce materials – logo of the project, brochures, interviews, presentations, collages, posters, drawings, craft works, video clips, drama, they will learn partners’ folk dances and songs. All the materials produced during the project will be posted on the common website and articles in local newspapers will also be produced to give regular updates on the project, Participation in different activities will make our pupils more tolerant, open-minded, will enhance communication and interaction skills and will teach them to live in a multicultural Europe.




In recent decades people are increasingly talking about globalization. Clearly visible are the tendencies of mixing in different countries and appeals are usually to put aside differences and find a way towards the other through common fates, interests and problems.

This project aims at developing children’s ability to understand and accept differences and find ways to appreciate the diversity, as acceptance of diversity means understanding, tolerance and appreciation of this huge colorful number of traditions, customs, values, habits and mentalities.

To connect through our differences means everyone to show proudly its unique and diverse history and traditions and to help other participants to accept them. Thanks to the project, pupils in each country will reflect on what they are and how they live, will examine different aspects of their culture and will experience different lifestyles. With this partnership project we want to increase European awareness of our pupils.


Project objectives and strategy


The project aims at instilling tolerance to cultural, religious and socio-economic differences through various activities and forms of artistic expression.


  • mobility activities to give real life experience of other cultures and life in other schools
  • artistic expression of pupils
  • improving communication skills in English
  • expanding pupils’ knowledge of other cultures through the use of ICT
  • promoting the regions in which the schools are located through exhibitions, shows, interviews
  • newspaper articles as a means of publicity