Bulgarian culture – What to look for?


food Much food, unknown spices, a lot of meat, many milk and dairy products, rich variety

  • pogacha (traditional bread)
  • musaka (Vito)
  • chicken and salad (Vox)
  • sausages (Plovdiv)
  • kebapche (Plovdiv)
  • lamb, yohurt (Shiroka Laka)
  • Comenius cake
Sometimes a little bit heavy, new tastes, desserts are very sweet and creamy

  • good
  • delicious
  • nice, tasty
  • various
  • strange taste / spices
  • a bit fat
  • colourful, beautiful idea


Very nice with occasional sunny spells, warmer than in Austria
The weather matched the theme of welcoming spring / saying goodbye to winter perfectly!


musik A big range of folklore music and dances, presented very proudly, perfectly and with strong, clear voices (especially women’s voices), often accompanied by the bagpipe.
Dances connect people (dancing in groups). It was a great opportunity to take part and learn, a feast for the eye to watch the Kukeri dances and a feast for the ear to listen to the folksongs.

Fun / Entertainment

dance Shows, Music, Games

  • Welcome at Hristov Botev School
  • Evening party at Stanimaka’s
  • Guided tour around Plovdiv
  • Shiroka Laka: Pagan traditions and Kukeri dances
Very well organized!


  • was cordially, informative and presenting traditions and music
  • was an event! Performances, animations, presentations, games, nice food, having the pupils (and teachers) participate, … (even fireworks took place).
  • was very interesting, especially in regard to Bulgarian history
  • colourful folklore

Looks / Physical appearance


  • Many women wear high heels and are dressed up (national holidays).
  • National costumes
  • Kukeri – masks
  • Wedding dresses, evening robes
  • Colourful
  • Beautiful
  • Lots of shops Azenovgrad is famous for