Saturday, September 28th

  • Arrival and settling in Rīga Orientation to the city, Shopping for gifts.
  • Hotel (
  • You have to change money at the airport where you arrival
  • 1 Lat ~ 0.71Euros

Sunday, September 29 th

  • Meeting in Hotel Valdemars
  • Excursion to Riga’s Oldtown (on foot)(paid by school)
  • Eating in Lido (pay yourself appr. 5 Lats, but it depends what do you eat Please visit this website
  • Excursion to
  • Going by bus to Dagda Coffee break in Liepkalni (1-2,00 ls,paid yourself)
  • Students will go to guestfamilies
  • Late dinner for teachers

Monday, September 30th

  • Breakfest
  • 10am Arrival at Dagda Secondary School
  • Arrange the exhibition for ‘National Food’ 10:30am School
  • Assemble Hall, opening ceremony, Welcoming concert 11:30am Participant country presentations ‘National dishes of my Country’
  • 1pm Lunch at School
  • Students – on a guided tour to Youth Centre,orientation games for students teachers – on a meeting at Dagda Municipality,visiting Art school, Pre-school, Dagdas church.
  • 4 pm Back to School, Workshop + cookery lessons:potatoes pancakes…. 6.30pm Students meet their host families, teachers – meeting at school
  • 19.30 Dinner in Cafe „Papardes zieds’’

Tuesday, October 1st

  • Breakfest
  • 9am A trip to Andrupene(by bus)) Cooking in teams: In Food We Trust (How it’s Made: pastries, cheese, butter,bread)
  • 12:00p.m Lunch Outside games.
  • 14.00 pm A Trip to Robežnieki(by bus-paid by school).
  • 16.00 pm A Trip to Ķepova. Educational Centre.Creative workshops
  • 18 pm Dinner in Kepava Return to Dagda.
  • Disco for students in style of 80ties (Dagdas vidusskola) Teachers have coordinators’ meeting. Sweden is going to introduce the mobility to Sweden and set the students’ tasks for this mobility; we have to discuss the content of newsletter 3

Wednesday, October 2nd

  • Breakfest
  • 8:55-10:00am Attending lessons at Dagda Secondary School.(English, Sport, Art, Music)
  • 10am A Trip to Aglona.(by bus) Catholic Cathedral, King’s Hill, Bread Museum. (tea and bread degustation);
  • 14.00 pm Return to Dagda. Picknick by Dagdas Sea.
  • Students spend time with families Teachers -Farewell party(in guesthouse ‘’Obiteļs”)
  • Denmark people go to Riga another time

Thursday, October 3nd

  • Lunchpaket Departure for Home Countries.
  • Going to Riga by bus from Dagda (Tickets cost ~ 8,15Lats). 3.45 – 8.00 a.m
  • Austrian people go to Riga another time