Mobility to Latvia

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Day 1:

At first we met at 9:20 am. at the airport. We went to our gate. We waited until the bus came and got into the bus. The bus took us to the plane: It was a propeller-driven-airplane!!! Then after a few minutes we started. We flew 3 hours, then we landed in Riga. We waited a few minutes at the airport for the Swedish delegation and then we went to the hotel by bus. After an hour we went down to eat. It was buffet-food and it was very tasty.

Day 2:

Our teachers woke us up at 6:30 am. Then we went down for having breakfast. It was really good. We checked out of the hotel and got into a school-bus from Dagdas Vidusskolan. By bus we went to the city center. There we had a guided tour. Then we went to Riga’s Art Nouveau Museum. It was a museum about art of the 19th century: Architecture, life-style, furniture and we could even dress up. Afterwards we had lunch in a restaurant and then we headed for Dagda, where our Latvian partnerschool is located. It was a 5 hour’s drive right to the Russian border. We got there at 9:00 pm. Then our guestfamilies took us home and we went to sleep.


Day 3:

On the third day we had presentations at school at 10 o`clock. At first every participating country prepared a desk with National food; Austria had taken along “Mannerschnitten” and “Mozartkugeln”. Then there were singing and dancing presentations, done by the Latvians and there was a choir. It was great. After that all countries went to their desks and every one had the possibility to taste some food. The food was typical for every country. A little bit later every country presented the National Food.

Later we met at the front door and were split into three groups. We went through Dagda and made some games. It was nice, but it was very cold. When all groups were back at school we were split again in two groups. One group made some pancakes and the other group made some salad. To make the salad we had to cut carotts, eggs and meat into small pieces. In the end we put peas and majonaise into the salad. Then we took the salad to the table. There were also pancakes. After a while the teachers arrieved and we all ate together. It was very good. When everybody had finished eating all kids went home with their guestfamilies.

I thought the day was really cool and interesting


Day 4:

On the fourth day in Latvia, Dagda, we went to Andrupene by school-bus. It is a small village where we visited old houses and made butter and cheese and baked bread. Then we went outside and Raffi, Julian, Natascha and I tried to go with stilts. It was very funny and Frau Prof. Müller tried it, too. Then we ate our bread with butter and a soup, too. Outside again we all played funny games and also danced a little bit.
At 14:00 we made a trip to the Russian Border, where we were received at the border- and customs office.

One officer hid a pencil and a glove in the grass and the policedog found it, amazing.
Then we drove with a Quad very fast. Every time only two people could go with one of the officers. It was really cool.

Our next stop was at an ostrich breeding farm and I saw two cats, one dog, one ostrich and other animals. Afterwards we drove to Kepova Educational Centre of Creative. There we ate our evening meal.

Then, when we were at the school again, there was a Disco. At first it wasn’t very funny because the music was too loud and nobody danced, but later they played games with the girls and boys of the other countries. In the first game there was one boy less than the girls and when the music stopped, the girls had to jump at the back of the boys. In the second game there was one girl less than the boys and they had to crawl under the legs of the girls. It was funny. At 9 o’clock our guest sister took us home and we fell asleep quickly:)


Day 5:

We started the day very early in the morning. At 8 o’clock our host families took us to school, where we waited for the teachers. When they had finished their breakfast at school, we said Goodbye! to our host families and together with the Danish group we boarded the bus to Daugavpils. There we changed for the bus to Riga. That was great because it was a double-decker bus and had free WiFi on board

After the bus ride we went to the hotel Valdemars, where we had a short break. Around 4 o’clock we went to a coffee shop. The teachers drank coffee and we ate sweets. Then we walked through the city and saw old buildings built in art nouveau, a kangaroo sculpture on the top of a house, the Bridge of Love decorated with hundreds of keylocks on it, the Monument of Freedom, the monument of “Bremer Stadtmusikanten” , the TV and Radio Tower that looks like La Tour d’Eifel and a Ferrari ;).

At the end of our tour we went to the shopping center and to a market. In the evening we returned to the hotel and ate a very good dinner.