Mobility to Portugal

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The 1st day:

On June 3rd, 2013 we all met at the airport at 12.30 am. We checked in and said goodbye to our parents. While waiting to get into the plane we drank a coffee and talked. The flight took 3 hours and was very comfortable. When we landed two Portuguese teachers welcomed us and brought us to the “teacher-hotel”. There we met other “comenius-kids” for the first time. Then they brought us to the school were a nice buffet was waiting for us. The children were very nice and hospitable. They tried to speak with us and showed us their school. Our host families were also there and after we had met the other children from the other countries, we went home and slept.

The 2nd day:

On June 4th all the people from the project met in front of the school at the so called half-moon were the kids can just sit around and organize some events like on that day. The children from the music club danced and sang for us. That was their welcoming for us. After that we had a music workshop where we sang a song with the choir and played the instruments later on. A bit later we presented our footprints from Austria and had lunch. Then the bus which took us to Sintra arrived. We visited a beautiful castle called Palacio da Pena. We all spread and walked around. The view was really stunning. After some hours we went back to school. We had dinner with our host families.

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June 5th, 2013:

In the morning I went to school with my 13 year old host brother Ruizinho. From there we went to downtown Lisbon by bus.
At first we visited the Castle of São Jorge where we had to go on a treasure hunt. The castle was built on a hill from where we had a fantastic view of the city of Lisbon and the Tagus river. It is one of the main tourist sites of Lisbon.
Then we went to Lisbon Cathedral Sé, the oldest church in Lisbon. Since the beginning of the construction in 1147, the building has been modified several times and survived many earthquakes. Nowadays it is a mix of different architectural styles.
Later we continued to Baixa or downtown Lisbon, the heart of the city with elegant squares, streets, cafes, shops, street vendors, musicians and artists.

We had lunch at the school’s restaurant and then we took part in traditional games, organized by teachers and pupils of our partner school. My team was second.

In the evening we were invited to the school’s end-of-the-year party. The Portuguese pupils sang, danced and acted (not only) for us and Dina and I enjoyed it a lot.

June 6th, 2013:

We continued our visiting program with the tower of Belém, a fortified tower on a small island in the Tagus river at the Lisbon shore, and with the Jerónimos monastery. It is a world heritage monument, the greatest symbol of Portugal’s power during the Age of Discovery. It was where Vasco da Gama and his crew spent the last night in Portugal before leaving to India and where Vasco da Gama is buried.

We also went to a traditional coffee shop in Belém and tasted the local speciality “pasteis de Belém”.
We returned to school by bus and had lunch in a nearby restaurant. We ate a traditional kid’s menu: meat, egg, rice, French fries and salad.

In the afternoon all “comenius-kids and teachers” painted a canvas with symbols and names to leave a “comenius-footprint” in our partner school. We also participated in a science workshop where we watched chemical experiments. Then we went to the music room and played different instruments like drums, guitar and piano. We had fun.

In the evening I went to a shopping center with my host family and I got a pair of soccer shoes “Ronaldo style” as a present.
I enjoyed my stay in Portugal very much, because my host family was very nice, the weather was beautiful, I experienced a lot and I have even learnt some Portuguese words.