Mobility to Vienna

From February 18th to 22nd 2014 our school, BRG14, Linzerstrasse, was host for the multinational Schoolpartnership-Project “To Connect through our Differences”. Pupils and teachers from Bulgaria, Denmark, Hungary, Latvia, Poland, Portugal, Sweden and Austria participated in workshops of the topic “Contemporary Arts”, went on a sightseeing-tour through Vienna’s 1st district (guided by Austrian pupils), watched a theater-performance at the Odeon-theater, visited the “house of music” and the “museum of modern arts” and worked on a final performance, where they combined music, movement and language.


What the Comenius-project means to me…

steffiFor me the Comenius project means friends. I met so many really nice people. Before the project started I did not think that I would have so many friends from so many different countries. After the mobilities my new friends and I shared photos and videos about the mobility, wrote many E-Mails and were happy that we were allowed to attend such a beautiful project. I think for everybody it was really interesting to talk about the differences of our countries but also what is similar or the same. I was really nervous before the mobility to Austria started because my Hungarian host-sister came to my country! The time with her and her friend was beautiful. What I also learned was that music is really connecting because we could not really talk so much in English so we sang popular songs together and had very much fun. The project means to me to experience cultures we do not really know. I think many of us did not know much about countries like Bulgaria and Latvia because in Austria we do not hear much about them but now everyone knows much about it. And I learnt that Hungarian is the most difficult language I can think of right now!

IMG_2610The Comenius project was a great experience for me, because I’ve learned much about the other countries and their cultures. It was also perfect to practise my English outside of the classroom. I’ve also made new friends, for example my host brother Finn from Denmark. With social networks I am still in contact with him. My mobility to Kopenhagen was a great experience, too, because it was the first time I was in another country without my parents. I hope the project countinues, or starts again.This project was great and I will always remember it. Thank you very much!

dinahWhen my teacher first told us about the project I got really excited. I thought that the concept of the project was just great. I even liked the name of the project. The name was very meaningful and as I found out later the name really matched the project. Even though I wasn´t on the first mobility I thought it was a great start. Before every mobility we had to prepare presentations and inform us about the country which was very interesting for me. When it was my turn to go on a mobility it was even more interesting to do all that stuff. On my mobility I met so many new people and ate new food and learned about how other children in other countries live in Europe. It was such an amazing experience. I thought it was so great that I accepted a girl to stay at my place when the other children visited us. The whole project was just awesome. I think it was a great opportunity for children who maybe can´t afford to travel around to meet new people and see new places. I really loved the project and would do it all over again.

hannahWhen I first heard about the project I was really excited. But when I went to Copenhagen and Asenovgrad, I was even more. The people in the other countries were all so nice and were making sure that we had a good time there. The guest families were really kind and they were always taking care of us. I learnt about new cultures, feasts and ate some new kinds of food. I could also practise my English and learnt to talk more freely but beside that, the more important thing: I talked with other people, had much fun and I made new friends. And I realized that there are so many things we have in common with the people from other countries. And actually there aren´t many things that are different between us as I thought in the beginning. I´m so sad that the Comenius Project already finishes this year but it was a great experience and I will still stay in contact with the people I´ve met.

johannesFor me it is a project of friendships in different countries. I think it is very important to know how young people of my age live in other countries of Europe, because nearly every country has different traditions and lifestyles and I think we should know the most important facts of each country. The best way to learn these is to travel to these countries. So I think this project is the right one to “connect through our differences”. Comenius also means to me that not only people from my country are nice people. Also people from other countries are nice! It is great to have friends in other countries and to communicate with them easily. This project is also helpful to practice the English language. Sometimes there is also a lot of work to do for the project. But I think that this is not so bad because we learn a lot when doing it. And, of course, it is always fun to travel to other countries and meet many new people.

janinaThis project was the best I’ve ever had, because I met so many different and nice people! And now I know some more facts about the European partner-countries. The programme of each country was very interesting and funny, too. We saw an important part of the city and our partner school which is located there. We all did something for the project, so it was a great experience for all of us.



  • arrivals
  • Teacher’s welcome meeting;
  • 19:00h dinner

9.00 Uhr – 11.00 / MZR

  • Welcome at school
  • Presentation of our school


  • Coffee break

11.30 – 12.40:

  • Presentations of national contemporary artists (ppt) / MZR

13.30 – 14.30:

  • lunch / Hietzing
  • Walk to the Gloriette; back to Schönbrunn Castle

16.30 – 18.00:

  • School: creative writing -workshop
  • Kids will be picked up


  • Restaurante Plutzerbräu; dinner for teachers

sightseeing – 1st district:

  • 9.15 kids meet at school
  • 9.45 teachers meet at Stephansplatz

Vienna time travel: guided tours

  • group 1:  10,40 Uhr (32 persons, engl.)
  • group 2:  11.40 Uhr (32 persons, engl)


12.30 Uhr:

  • Walk to the Seccession -> Naschmarkt; individual lunch


  • Walk to the 1st district

15.00  – 16.30:

  • House of music (3 groups – guided tour)


  • Meeting at Stephansplatz


  • Odeon “PaRaDiSo”: theater performance (80 min.) Kids are picked up

8.30 at school:

  • teachers attend bilingual lessons (8.55 – 9.45)
  • workshops for kids: texts + prepared piece of  contemporary music (arts, music and dance)

10.00 – 10.45:

  • Coffee break for teachers

11.00  – 11.30:

  • teacher’s meeting
  • Presentation of mobility to Poland

11.00 – 11.30:

  • Break for pupils

11.45 – 13.45:

  • text-, music- and art presentations, & final product (video) / MZR

14.30 – 15.30:

  • lunch at Mumok (Museum of modern art)

15.30 – 16.30:

  • Mumok (3 groups –  guided tour)


  • Meeting at Stephansplatz


  • Jazzlocal – Porgy & Bess: jazz concert / John Mayall