Final mobility to Pila, Poland

tag1_polOur journey to Pila started very early in the morning on Monday, May 19th.  Mrs. Buchner, Mrs. Eder, Jessie and I met at the airport at 6:30 am. Our plane was leaving for Berlin, Tegel airport and it took off at 8:30.

After the flight we went into a coffee shop at the airport and waited for some people of the other countries. Then we all went to Pila by bus. It was a very long trip, so Jessie and I got some sleep. Finally we arrived at about 18 o’ clock and our host families picked us up.  After that, me and my host family went to a restaurant called “Niko”. We talked a lot and got a really nice first impression. When we arrived at their home after dinner they showed me their dog and the place, where I was going to sleep. Jessie’s host sister, Ada was the best friend of my host sister, Zuzia. So we were very lucky about that and went for a walk in the park in the late evening, where we saw a big crown in a lake, which is a “landmark” of Pila. It was very beautiful and we had great fun! Then Ada and Zuzia showed us their school from the outside. We also met some other children in the school yard and talked with them. Afterwards we said goodbye and went home.

I had a nice first impression and the people there were all very kind.

© Sheila

tag2_polTuesday was our first day in Poland, so we were all very excited.

In the morning we were dropped off at the school at ten o’clock, and there we were welcomed by lots of cheerleaders, dancing and singing. After that came my least favourite part, the presentation of the national crafts. I didn’t enjoy this part because I get very nervous during presentations. And it didn’t really help that we were the first to present, since Austria starts with an “A”. But it was over after a couple of minutes and then we had a coffee break, which was very nice.

After the break my favourite part came: the painting T-shirts workshop. For this we were given a paintbrush, a pot of paint and of course a plain white T- shirt. Our task was to paint our shirts on the subject of “connecting through our differences”. So I painted three flowers whose stems were folded over one another.

When we were finished we had lunch in the school cafeteria, which was very good! After a great meal we spent the rest of the day with our host families. So Ada (my host sister) went bowling with me and my friend Sheila (also from Austria), her host sister Zuzia and some of her friends. This was really nice.

And that was it for Tuesday. Like all of the days, it went really fast, too fast.


tag3_polOn Wednesday we had to wake up a bit earlier again because we travelled to another city of the region, called Torun. It is an old medieval city, where gingerbread is very famous and delicious! When we arrived, we were divided into two groups and then we went sight seeing with a tour guide! She told us many interesting facts about the city and we learned very much from her. Everybody enjoyed it and the weather was also great the whole time!

Nikolaus Copernicus was born in Torun, and that’s why we went into the house, where had been born. After that, we had some free time, which was very cool. We actually had some free time quite often in Torun, where Jessie and I sometimes bought an ice cream or took pictures. I liked the free time specially because we had a lot of fun by exploring Torun by ourselves, too. 😉

Then we went into the house of legends. In there, we watched acts of people, who were dressed up as a monk and other historical persons. They played some scenes from the history of Torun and let us try some things like building an old wall or fighting off difficult conditions.

Afterwards we went to bake gingerbread! It was great! But we made gingerbread, which can’t be eaten! Anyway, I liked it because I used it as a souvenir. Then we all went to a restaurant and had a late lunch. One hour later we walked to the Planetarium and went into the session. This was the last thing we did in Torun and I was really fascinated by it! It was my first time in a Planetarium and I enjoyed it.

Afterwards we walked to the bus and went back to Pila. After having arrived there, the father of Zuzia picked her and me up and we went home. Because it had been a very sunny and exhausting day Zuzia and I watched a movie and went to sleep early. I personally liked this day the most because it was just perfect and I learned so much.

© Sheila

tag4_polThis was our last day, which was very sad, but it also meant that we had a lot of things to do. The morning started off with a workshop at the “Club Seniora”. Here we could paint angels made out of salt dough or make a felt mobile phone case. I decided to paint the Angel. After a coffee break and a walk in the park we went to the Piła museum which was very interesting. Then we went back to the school for lunch which, again, was great.

Then we had a break to rest before the farewell party. The party was wonderful, the food was great; everybody was happy and talking to each other. There was great music too. There were also great competitions, like Limbo and different types of ball games.

It all went so fast that the end was quite sad. There were souvenirs handed out, presents given, and lots of goodbyes said at the end. I really loved the mobility to Poland. It was truly wonderful, I enjoyed it a lot and hope that one day we shall all meet each other again.

© Jessica

tag5_polUnfortunately we had to travel back home again on Friday. Our bus left Pila at 5:50, so our host families took us to the meeting place a bit early. Then we had to say goodbye to them. It was very sad because they cared so well about us and were so nice to us. It’s hard to believe, but the farewell was very hard. But then we went into the bus and the long journey started.

We also had some time in Berlin this day. So we went into the center and discovered a bit of Berlin, too. I would have never thought that we could have spent some time there, but it was pretty cool, though! 🙂

Then we got into the plane and we arrived in Vienna in the evening. The mobility to Poland was a very valuable experience that I will never forget.

© Sheila




  • Arrival of participants from Sweden


  • Arrival of participants from Austria, Bulgaria, Denmark, Portugal and Hungary.


  • Arrival of participants from Latvia.


  • Welcome at school.


  • Presentations of national crafts


  • Coffee break


  • Workshop – painting T-shirts


  • Lunch


  • Meeting of coordinators


  • Dinner for teachers in the restaurant „Parkowa”


  • Travel to Toruń


  • Sightseeing the Old City


  • The House of Legends


  • Baking gingerbread


  • Lunch


  • Session in the Planetarium


  • Homecoming


  • Arrival to Piła


  • Workshop


  • Coffee break


  • Visit the church of St. Anthony


  • Meeting with Mayor


  • Visit the exhibition in the Museum District


  • Piła sightseeing


  • Lunch

17:00 – 21:00:

  • Farewell party


  • Drive to Berlin