Arrival at Gröndalsskolan

thumb-1Mrs. Buchner, Mrs. Aschauer, Leo, Johannes and I took a plane to Copenhagen on December, 11th within our Comenius project. Our flight was at 7:15 a.m. in the morning. When we arrived in Copenhagen we met two friendly teachers from Denmark, who picked us and our luggage up at Kastrup airport and drove us to Pilegardskolan, our Danish partner school. Then we went by train to Copenhagen Centre. We walked through the center, admired the Christmas decoration and drank some hot chocolate in a nice coffee shop. In the afternoon all children from the other countries arrived at Pilegardsskolan. From there we went by bus to Värnamo. Värnamo is a small town in the South of Sweden. We arrived at approximately 9:00 p.m. at Gröndalsskolan in Värnamo where our host families picked us up and brought us home.

The next day in the morning, when it was still very dark, we went with our host brothers / host sister to “Gröndalsskolan”. There we had a traditional Swedish snack called “Fika”. In Sweden it is common to have a coffee break with friends or colleagues by having something to drink and some sweets.

After this snack we had our presentation of our lifestyle-project, which we were very proud of, along with all the other countries’ presentations.

Then the Swedes showed us around their school, which was very cool. We also had free lunch at school. It tasted so yummy. In the afternoon all children and teachers went to the ice rink in Värnamo. There we were ice skating for a while. In the evening we went home with our host families. At home I baked a traditional Swedish sweet called “Kanelbullar”. Then I ate dinner and went to bed. This day was a nice and interesting day.

Lucia celebration and more traditions

sweden-thumbNext day in Sweden we had a traditional Lucia celebration at Gröndalsskol

an at 8 o’clock in the morning. Lucia is feast in Sweden; it is about the light in winter in Scandinavian countries, where it is very dark and cold at this time and in former times the Lucia day was the day when it got warmer and brighter again. Lucia also means “the lightning”.

The Lucia feast started with a choir presentation and then a procession of girls in white clothes with candles in their hands came in. They sang songs and finally “Lucia” came; she had candles on a crown on her head – it looked really cool. I wish we would have a feast like this.

Then at nine we had a “fika” which means coffee break in Swedish but this was a special “lussefika”. At a “lussefika” you eat lussekatt, sweet bread made with saffron and raisins, you eat it traditionally on Lucia day.

After the Lucia procession we had a panel discussion with two policewomen, a youth-worker and a youth pastor. We talked about young people and their lifestyle and a number of interesting questions were raised. Then we got together in national groups and two Swedish students interviewed each country on their school system and their lifestyle. They summed up the main points and presented the results on a computer.

At 12:00 we had lunch at school and ate rise pudding, which is also a traditional Lucia lunch. After lunch we had to learn a sport’s game nobody in our country knows; it is called floor ball and it is a bit like ice hokey but it is indoors and played with a ball which has holes. The ball can bounce a bit and it is played with five players and one goalkeeper.The goalkeeper is not allowed to stand up – very crazy but cool.

After a bit of practice we had a tournament, which the teachers won, but it was great fun to play against our teachers.

In the evening we had a Christmas buffet with Swedish Christmas food and “julmust” julmust is a Swedish Christmas coke with a nondescribable taste, but it is really good and not alcoholic. In Austria you can buy it at Ikea. We sang a lot of Christmas songs in all different languages, ate, chatted and enjoyed ourselves very much. I think it was quite late when we got home.

Trip to Växjö and party time

thumb-3I got up at about 7 o`clock and my hostfamily drove me to Gröndalsskolan. There we left at 9 o´clock by bus from Värnamo to Växjö. The bus journey took one hour. My hostbrother wasn´t with me, because my hostfamily was preparing for the breaking-up party at the school.

In Växjö we first visited the museum of emigration. It was about when and why the Swedish people went to the USA and about an author, who has written some books about it. I think, that the visit there was too short, because there were many things we couldn´t really see and read. There was also a vampire exhibition with a “blood-room”, which was quite interesting, but we just had a few minutes for it.

Then we went into the cathedral of Växjö, which was a nice and simple church. A choir was preparing for a concert in the church. I liked the church because it has nice coloured windows, a huge organ and a big altar. The teachers from Sweden told us, that many things in this church were made of glass. We also heard about the history of the church. Then we had lunch in a restaurant near a lake. It was very foggy, so we couldn´t see much. After that we had free-time until 4 o´clock, then the bus left for Värnamo. In this time we bought some souvenirs.

We were in Värnamo at 5 p.m. and all students had one hour time to prepare for the breaking-up party. Only the students and their hostfamilies went to this party. First of all we had takkos for dinner and then we played some games. We had a disco with music, lights and crisps, popcorn and something to drink. I liked the party, but I didn´t like the disco because I don´t really like dancing. At 10 p.m. we went home. There I packed my bag for the next day because then we were leaving very early for our home countries. I would have preferred staying in Sweden, though!


  • All teachers and students will be picked up at Castrup Airport.
  • Arrival at Gröndalsskolan
  • The students are picked up at school by their host families
  • 8:00 – A walk to Gröndalsskolan from the hotel
  • 8:30 – Presentation of the school (30 minutes)
  • 9:00 – Coffee break in the dining hall where cinnamon buns and coffee/fruit drinks/chocolate milk will be served (both students and teachers)
  • 9:30 – the participating countries present their own view on life style (Infosalen) 11:00 – Lunch in the school dining hall and after that there will be a walk round the school.
  • 14:00-15:30 – Ice skating at the ice rink. This activity ends with a sightseeing tour of Värnamo by foot. After that, the students will be picked up by their host families, who then will take care of the students the rest of the evening.
  • 18:00 – teachers: informal meeting at hotel and – around –
  • 19:00 dinner at Snipen (tapas dinner)
  • 7:40 – walk to school
  • 8:00 – Lucia celebration at Gröndalsskolan
  • 9:00 – 9:30 ‘Lussefika’- coffee break for both students and teachers in Dramasalen, where buns with saffron and gingerbread is served (everything served is very typical for the celebration of Lucia)
  • 9:30-12:00 – the students will attend a panel discussion that takes approximately 45 minutes. Here, representatives from some of the following groups will participate: youth pastors, welfare officers, field assistants, the police and recreation leaders from NAVET. They will talk about young people in Sweden and their life style. After that, the students will discuss the subject of life style; they will interview other teenagers under the guidance of our International profile class.
  • 9:30-11:30 – The teachers will get information about our work against bullying.
  • 11:30-12:00 – Information/presentation from Austria about the next mobility.
  • 12:00 – Lunch in the school dining hall.
  • 13:00- 15:00 – Floor ball tournament at Gröndalsskolan (both teachers and students will participate).
  • 18:00-21:30 Christmas buffet
  • 8:30- A trip to Växjö by bus (Both students and teachers). In Växjö there will be a visit to the Cathedral of Växjö and a visit to a museum and archive called The House of Emigration (Utvandrarnas hus).
  • 12:00-16:00- Lunch and some free time to go shopping.
  • 17:00 The students will be picked up at Gröndalsskolan (the parking lot) by the host families at 17 o’clock in order to prepare themselves for the ‘Breaking-up party’ that will occur at
  • 18:00. The parents in the host families are the organizers of the party. It will take place at Gröndalsskolan.
  • 19:00- Final meeting for the teachers. 20:00- Dinner at Scandic Hotel for the teachers.
  • 07:00- the host families leave their guests at Gröndalsskolan (the parking lot) where the bus leaves for Kastrup Airport.